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RYA First Aid

Attendance of this course will best prepare you for a medical emergency while at sea.

It will also prepare the candidates to enable them to select medical equipment to be stowed aboard.

Course topics include:

Perform CPR to current protocols, and understand the differential for drowning.

Recognise the signs of a reduced level of response, with particular reference to serious head injuries.

Understand the importance of the recovery position and the need to modify it for a small space

Understand how to get medical advice or assistance by radio.

Apply direct pressure to a wound to control bleeding.

Understand how to prepare for the evacuation of a casualty by helicopter.

Understand the term shock, recognise and treat it, with particular reference to internal and external bleeding

Also be aware of the general treatment for:

breathing difficulties, chest pain, seasickness, diabetic emergency, anaphylaxis, hypothermia, fractures, seizures and burns

Understand the treatment for cold shock and hypothermia following immersion and/or exposure

Skippers of MCA Coded Vessels only: Be aware of the content and use of a category C first aid kit, including the pocket mask

For further information and booking details you can email training@allhallowsyachtclub.net or phone direct using the number on the contact page