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 The River Medway No Fishing Zone

I do not know if everyone is up to speed with what is being discussed regarding a no take zone in the River Medway,if not have a look at the following.

No person shall fish for sea fish within any specified area of the River Medway (Fig.1- area in blue)

No person shall have in their possession any fishing gear within a specified area (Fig.1- area in blue) unless that gear is stowed or stored in a manner in which it may not easily be deployed.

Any sea fish which is found in the possession of any person within a specified area shall be deemed to have been taken from that specified area (Fig.1- area in blue).

This byelaw does not apply to a person performing an act which would otherwise constitute an offence against this byelaw, if that act was carried out in accordance with a written permission issued by the Authority permitting that act for scientific, stocking, breeding or fisheries management purposes.

The provisions of this byelaw are without prejudice to any right of Several Fishery, Act of Parliament, Royal Charter or other rights that exist within the District as referred to in Section 6 of the Sea Fisheries Regulation Act 1966.

The proposals and area proposed for no take zone can be seen here


If anyone feels like discussing the proposals

Go to the SeaAngling.org.uk site - recreational sea angling politics

set up by World Sea Fishing Site for such discussions