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Every member must comply in every way with the rules of safety forming part of the Bylaws and the safety rules of the Port of London Authority, Royal Yachting Association and British Water Ski & Wakeboard.

No member or guest may take a craft on the water without minimum third party insurance covering all aspects of its use (current minimum cover 2,000,000).

Moorings must be laid in accordance with the requirements of the club and the Port of London Authority.

Every craft when afloat must carry:-

(a) One efficient life jacket for each member of the crew.

Children under 12 years of age must wear an efficient life jacket at all times when afloat. Wet suits are not recognised as substitutes for life jackets.

(b) Two red pyrotechnic flares.

(c) One efficient clasp knife attached to a lanyard.

(d) One anchor and warp.

(e) At least one fire extinguisher complying with BIA regulations.

Children below the age of 12 years are not permitted to assist with launching or recovery or beaching of craft and are strictly forbidden from the launching area.

In addition to the official rescue craft and crew, all members will be expected to have constant regard for the safety of others afloat and are expected to render assistance to any craft, which appears to be in difficulties.

No power craft will be allowed in the water unless fitted with a suitable recognised and approved engine cut-out. All craft are subject to inspection by a Committee member as necessary.

The extract of the byelaws of the PLA (general notes and clauses 46-57) as displayed on the club notice board must be strictly adhered to and in addition to the penalties detailed therein; offenders may be expelled from the club.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall powered craft proceed at more than 4 knots within 200 yards of the waters edge ay any state of the tide anywhere within the boundaries of the Allhallows on Sea estate, and when within this distance shall proceed with extreme caution and with every regard to the safety of persons swimming anywhere along the shore within the confines of the estate.

Launching and Recovery

Members are reminded that when launching and recovering that they must make any other persons who may also be using the ramp be aware of their intentions BEFORE using the ramp.

Particular care must also be taken to ensure no children are playing on or in close proximity of the ramp when carrying out launching and recovery.This is especially true when backing up onto the ramp with limited visibility.If in doubt ask another member to assist. Please also ensure that you have read the details on this web site on how to use the winches or have been instructed by another member.

To avoid serious injury or risk of death ALL launching craft must have a secondary safety chain attached to the trailer and launching vehicle when carrying out launching or recovery.

All craft must proceed with caution and with due regard for the safety of other persons and craft, especially moored craft, and also when launching and recovering from the beach and/or ramps. All powerboats towing skiers must display an orange flag to indicate that a skier is on or in the water. Failure to observe these regulations may result in immediate expulsion from the club.

All PWC owners must of completed the PWC Proficiency Course

All PWC owners are requested when launching and recovering to use the eastern ramp.

All PWC Owners should also be aware of the restrictions on use in the Swale and Medway areas.

Currently they are restricted from entering the Medway from the Garrison and using the Swale

The club would also ask all members to display their club numbers in a prominent position on their craft and trailer , so that easy identification is possible.

For further information or if you require extended clarification email info@allhallowsyachtclub.net or phone direct using the number on the contact  page.

You can also download a copy of these rules from the DOWNLOADS PAGE

Safety Rules